EGYGAB Education


EGYGAB Education

Education is the base of every development, and the main cause for sustainable prosperity. It is a life-time experience and its significance should never be undervalued.

As we believe that the quality of education is not limited to the academic aspect only, we were keen to help develop and bring new systems to the Egyptian educational system.

CIC - Canadian International College

“We Graduate Professionals”

Founded in 2004, CIC became the first Canadian college in Egypt.

In partnership with the Cape Breton University (CBU) in Sydney, CIC brings a unique brand of Canadian education and training to Cairo for the youth to be able to face all futuristic challenges. Since the beginning, we have put a strategy to be committed to Excellence and to be a nationally prominent educational institution known for its integrity and academic excellence.


We believe that we play an important role in the technological advancement of the Egyptian industry and that’s why we are striving to provide the society with well-educated employees possessing appropriate knowledge, skills and experience.
To reach that goal we give our students special opportunities that will help them shape a better future.

– Under-graduate programs in Business, Engineering and Mass communication
– Both Canadian university degrees, and Egyptian degrees accredited by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education
– Internship opportunities in some of the leading businesses in Egypt
– Experience, through combining theory with practical learning during the academic year
– Living a full and well-rounded student life through extra-curricular activities
– The opportunity to transfer to Canada during courses and join post-graduate programs in any country around the world

We are proud to state the fact that we started with 400 students in the first year the college was opened, and now we are educating more than 2000 students.


New Cairo, near Mubarak Security Academy.


“The Egyptian Language School “Learning for life”

At ELS we consider our main task to be teaching students and help them learn to develop their lives and not just to cross a phase of education.

Our main objective has always been: to bring up a new generation equipped with efficient tools, to face the challenge of an over-changing world and unpredictable future.

And that is implemented amid a democratic environment and a team-work spirit.

We encourage “the open-door policy” as well as a positive caring atmosphere across the entire school.



This is the division where the national curriculum is implemented. It caters for children of 3 years up to 12 years (from kindergarten to primary) . All subjects (except for social studies) are taught in the English language, besides teaching an additional European Language starting the 3rd stage of primary. This division was established in 1994, and so far, we’ve got 793 students.

Bringing up a generation that would grow with a high sense of the community. In that we rely on a collection of well-trained teachers of high qualifications and professional performance.

Develop our students’ skills and thinking through various extra-curricular activities (Sports Art,Computer and Quran learning),so that they could apply what they learn practically, go through different experiences and develop their creative skills. Practicing English through several clubs and activities held at the school.


Encourage students to meet challenges. To satisfy the needs of their society and to develop each student’s sense of individualism and self-esteem.

Achieve a broader scope of education that incorporates both ethics and modern sciences.


In 1998 a separate section was established for girls within the school. The main aim of the school is to highlight the important role of women in the society and fulfill their needs.



The British system (EBIS) Students are graduated with the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (I.G.C.S.E) which has an international credibility and is recognized by universities all over the world.

The American system (EAIS) The school applies an American program that received its accreditation by the Commission of International and Trans-regional Association (CITA) in March 2003 and is a fully accredited school by Egyptian and American standards.


Encourage students to meet challenges. To satisfy the needs of their society and to develop each student’s sense of individualism and self-esteem.

Achieve a broader scope of education that incorporates both ethics and modern sciences.


For the welfare of students with disabilities, and to develop their interests; we have built special classes for students with minor mental disabilities. They follow a special program tailored for them by professional teachers and qualified specialists. (This sector is available only in ELS Katamya)


– Nasr City (National Division): 2 El Barameka st, off ElTyaran St.7th district

– Kattemya (International Division): Modern Cairo City 5th compound off the ring road next to Kattemya Heights.

– Alexandria (International Division): Under Construction.

– Al Shorouk (International Division): Under Construction.