Knowing that agriculture was the key development that led to the rise of the Egyptian civilization and enabled the development of its societies, we decided to help regain the glory of agricultural developments. It is one of the sectors the local economy depends on and also an essential part of Egypt’s needs.

Engineering and construction was the first field of investment for EgyGab to invade. From the very beginning we knew the importance of real-estate development for the Egyptian society and economy, so we planned for it to be in our top priorities.

We loved the art of translating design to reality and being a part of new communities, and so, our first company established in 1977 was specialized in building and construction of real estate projects. And it became a fundamental point for us to participate in the development of Egyptian life’s quality and the image of our communities.

We always favor to refer to our mission in EGYGAB as “Building Communities”. We believe that engineering and construction is not just about putting up buildings, but it’s more about creating life in places and establishing a whole integrated community.

1977 a remarkable date in our story. It’s the year when our first company for contract and construction was founded by Eng. Samir Gaballah. 

On a precise vision and a well-organized plan, this entity developed to be EgyGab holding; a perfect example for businesses that add progress to the society.

We began this series of fruitful achievements by building several private and governmental projects, which included residential buildings in different locations around Cairo.

In 1994, our first project in the educational sector came to existence by establishing “The Egyptian Language School”. Because our main principle is development, it expanded to include national and international sectors in 1996.

With a new millennium started a new phase for our group. We got involved in more educational projects which included the foundation of CIC (the first educational institution to apply the Canadian system) and we began working on agricultural and industrial investments as well. From year 2000 until today we have been adding more value to our communities, and always willing to give more.

Education is the base of every development, and the main cause for sustainable prosperity. It is a life-time experience and its significance should never be undervalued.

As we believe that the quality of education is not limited to the academic aspect only, we were keen to help develop and bring new systems to the Egyptian educational system.

Currently, EgyGab Trade and Industry is planning for expanding its business to include bigger factories with more production varieties, following an accurate strategy that guarantees perfect service and quality. We are planning for building another factory in Al Obour city on a total area of 1350 m2 for school uniforms and clothes, in addition to another factory for wood manufacturing. 

Following and supporting the production of our Factory, we opened “Rabaa El Adawya Store” in 2004 in Nasr City. It is a specialized store for school uniforms. In 2007, “Child Mall” was opened. It’s a 1000m2 store that provides everything a child could need. Starting from clothes to stationery and children subsidiaries.

Reacting to our clients’ needs and requirements, we recently started a business in the trade and industry sector, seeking to create a harmonious scheme between them and meet international standards.