EGYGAB Construction

Engineering and construction was the first field of investment for EGYGAB to invade. From the very beginning we knew the importance of real-estate development for the Egyptian society and economy, so we planned for it to be in our top priorities.

We loved the art of translating design to reality and being a part of new communities, and so, our first company established in 1977 was specialized in building and construction of real estate projects. And it became a fundamental point for us to participate in the development of Egyptian life’s quality and the image of our communities.

Having more than three decades of profound experience in this field, we are professionally serving our customers in various sectors, which include:

– Architectural Design

– Contracting

– Construction Management

– Civil Planning and Construction

We always favor to refer to our mission in EGYGAB as “Building Communities”. We believe that engineering and construction is not just about putting up buildings, but it’s more about creating life in places and establishing a whole integrated community. 

Four schools in 6 Oct of a total area 25000 will be:

– National

– American

– British

– One school is in Alexandria

Governmental Projects

– Lebanon Garage

– Imbaba Garage

– El-swah Garage

– El-amerya Garage

– El Moneb Garage

– El Fath Garage

– El Nozha Bus Station

– Gesr El Suez Garage

– Training Center for Africa

– Forensic Medicine Department

– Atomic Energy Institution

– El-tram Garage in Helwan

– Research Center for Vaccines and Veterinary Vaccines (Ministry of Agriculture)

– Cairo International Airport Workshop

Educational: Schools

– The Egyptian Language School – Nasr City

– The Egyptian Language School – New Cairo 

– The Egyptian Language School – 6th Of October

Educational: Universities

– CIC – Canadian International College

Residential Projects: Residential Compounds

– Family City 

– Granda Al Shorouk

– Granda Life

Residential Projects: Villas

– Al Tagamoa Al Khames Villa – Area 23

– Al Hay Al Khames Villa – Area 130

– Al Hay Al Awal Villa – Area 149, 147

Residential Projects: Nasr City Buildings

– Abbas El Aqaad Building – 52, Abbas El Aqaad St.

– Mostafa El Nahaas And Makram Ebeed Building

– Moaez El Dawla And Makram Ebeed Building

– Abd El Hameed Awad and Moaez El Dawla Building

– Borg Habeba Building, 21 Sameer Abd El Raouf St., Makram Ebeed Extention

– El Asher Building (1)

– El Asher Building (2)

– El Asher Building (3)

– Abo Dawood Al Zahere (1)

– Abo Dawood Al Zahere (2)

Residential Projects: Heliopolis Buildings

– Al Zaytoun Towers (El Tyaran St.) 

– Abd El Wahab Building

– Mohamed Ebeed Building

– Nakhla El Motee Building

– El Zahabee Building

– El Sheraton Building

– Teret Al Gabal Building

Residential Projects: Al-Mohandeseen Buildings

– Abo El Mwaheb Building