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Inquire About Granda Al Shorouk

Serving as an integral East extension to Cairo’s New Capital and all its lively happenings, Al Shorouk promises residents a unique sense of security and a state of serenity and community not found elsewhere. EGYGAB has set its residents’ “comfort and convenience” at the forefront of its new plan, providing the best of integrated community living in Al Shorouk which not only embodies an ideal getaway from Cairo’s traffic and its everyday pressures, but also a central hub to all major facilities.

Located in the heart of Cairo, Al Shorouk has an outstanding location. It serves as an extension to Cairo’s new capital, it is one of the few cities in Egypt that promises residents a sense of security, privacy and full facilities. EGYGAB provides you a world of comfort, affordability and more of everything.

Step into an exclusive world of contemporary elegance where every detail has been meticulously designed to create breathing spaces, set amidst breathtaking surroundings of manicured gardens and owing streams to paint a beautiful picture of architectural brilliance and affordable community living existing in perfect harmony.


Project Layout


  • 24/7 Security

    24/7 Security

  • Basketball Court

    Basketball Court

  • Football Field

    Football Field

  • Green Parks

    Green Parks

  • Gym and Health Care

    Gym and Health Care

  • Handball Court

    Handball Court

  • Kids Playground

    Kids Playground

  • Nursery


  • Parking


  • Volleyball Court

    Volleyball Court